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Presentations: German Energy Transition

Societal Transformation to Sustainability: Universities as Pacesetters

Details:  The University Alliance for Sustainability (UAS) Spring Campus, Freie University of Berlin (27-31 March 2017)

Panel: German Energy Transition, 28th March 2017

Germany strives to transition its energy supply system towards a high share of renewables. The development is embedded in the European context with the aim of linking national energy supply systems more closely. At the same time, the process takes place in a federal system with high scope of action of the provinces, and it is accompanied by an increasingly decentralized structure with pioneering initiatives and experimentation at the local and regional level. The presentations in this plenary session will give insights into the German energy transition from a European, national and subnational perspective and focus on the following questions: what is the role of pioneers, decentralized initiatives and niches? What are currently the key challenges from political and social perspectives? What is the perspective from abroad – is the German energy transition still an international role model? What lessons can be drawn and potentially transferred to other countries?


Dr. Dörte Ohlhorst, Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU), Freie Universität Berlin: The German transition towards a high renewable energy share – a socio-technical challenge (Ohlhorst Spring Campus 2017)

Dr. Kerstin Tews, Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU), Freie Universität Berlin: New Challenges for Decentralised Laboratories of Innovation in the German Energy Transition (Tews_spring campus 2017)

Prof. Catherine Mitchell, University of Exeter: The German Energy Transition – a non-German view (Mithcell_UAS Berlin 28 March)


More information on the UAS Spring Campus and the program are available here: 20170310-Spring-Campus-Guide


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