These primers bring together some of the key outputs of IGov across a number of different themes. They provide a quick route into different areas of our research on energy system innovation and governance and highlight some of our key reads.

  • Primer – RIIO

    December 12, 2019

    Primer – RIIO

    IGov Primer – RIIO Context We have produced a range of research and thinking on the RIIO price controls which cover gas and electricity transmission and distribution. As such it only relates to networks, which is only one of the dimensions of the GB governance process. Overall, we feel that RIIO is an improvement on RPI-X, but it is still a Business-as-Usual approach which is not well linked into the wider regulatory, policy or institutional landscape. Moreover, the signs from the current consultations are that ED2 will not be sufficiently stringent in order to ensure electricity

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  • Primer – the UK Capacity Market

    December 2, 2019

    Primer – the UK Capacity Market

    IGov Primer – The UK Capacity Market   Context IGov has consistently questioned the need for a Capacity Market in the UK low carbon transition, as well as the process by which it developed. It is a clear demonstration of how governance of the UK energy system can act to impede change in the direction of a more sustainable system. This Primer summarises the research and thinking we have produced on the Capacity Market. For an overview of the issues we see with the Capacity Market read the opinion piece on Britain’s dinosaur capacity market will

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  • Primer – Local energy and the changing role of people

    December 1, 2019

    Primer – Local energy and the changing role of people

    IGov Primer – Local energy and the changing role of people Context This Primer combines two interlinked areas of IGov research. One on our work on the growing importance of local energy, bringing in the changing role of city networks and local authorities, as well as the potential of more local energy systems to enable people to become more involved within the energy system. This links to our wider thinking on the changing role of people, as consumers, customers and citizens within energy systems and the case for putting them at the heart of the system

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  • Primer – New York State REV

    February 25, 2019

    Primer – New York State REV

    IGov Primer – New York State Reforming the Energy Vision Context Formally proposed in 2014, the New York State Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) is a governance process that IGov has followed closely. Following Hurricane Sandy there was a mandate from the people of New York State to address the energy system. The approach taken was to proactively tear up the rule book to put in place a fit-for-purpose governance for sustainable technologies and new ways of system operation / customer wishes / business models / economic regulation.  We think the REV is a fundamentally different

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  • Primer – Energy System Change in Eastern Australia

    February 18, 2019

    Primer – Energy System Change in Eastern Australia

    IGov Primer – Energy System Change in Eastern Australia Context Australia is an example of where the ‘future’ energy system is already happening. This has been driven by a number of factors, which could happen to any country. System transformation is happening at such a rapid pace that the traditional institutional practices have been unable to keep- up with change, causing issues for both the technical and social aspects of transformation. This includes action by the Government and Regulator, with a clear lag between system change and its governance – an issue that is not

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  • Primer – DSPs and valuing DER

    February 11, 2019

    Primer – DSPs and valuing DER

    IGov Primer – Distribution Service Providers and valuing Distributed Energy Resources Distribution Service Providers (DSPs) The traditional three roles of utilities of planning, operations and market administration are being challenged by developments in technology, public policy goals, user preferences and business models. This raises questions over the future of the role of traditional distribution utility model. Is it still valid that the distribution entity should still have responsibility for the three roles; are there new functions (for example, local market coordination and balancing) which the distribution entity needs to take on; are there functions it

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  • Primer – Fit for Purpose GB Energy Governance Framework

    February 4, 2019

    Primer – Fit for Purpose GB Energy Governance Framework

    IGov Primer – Fit for Purpose GB Energy Governance Framework Context IGov has argued that governance (policies, institutions, rules and incentives of markets and networks, regulations such as codes, retail policy, and he underlying politics and decision-making of deciding on the details of those rules and incentives etc) should play a central role in transforming the current centralised, carbonised energy system into a decarbonised, flexible, equitable and secure energy system able to meet our greenhouse gas reductions. IGov has shown how the current governance framework within GB is not-fit-for-purpose for enabling this to happen; has argued

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  • Primer – Energy Codes and Licenses

    January 28, 2019

    Primer – Energy Codes and Licenses

    IGov Primer – Energy Industry Codes and Licenses Context IGov has consistently argued that the codes and licences that govern the energy system in GB need to change in order to better enable a low carbon transformation. Our thinking and research has included blogs, consultation submissions, a roundtable event, a number of papers and case studies. Our take away message is that self-regulation of Codes should cease and should be replaced by a Code Manager. Detailed information on all our outputs, in chronological order, are below. For a detailed overview of energy industry codes, the issues

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