• Global Insights: 24th July 2018

    July 24, 2018

    Global Insights: 24th July 2018

    AUSTRALIA AEMO releases Integrated System Plan The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) is the system operator and national transmission planner.  This week AEMO released its inaugural Integrated System Plan (ISP) which builds on its annual National Transmission Network Development Plan.  The idea behind the ISP is to give a more coordinated approach to system planning and a long term strategic plan for the future of the energy market which will incorporate the policies from the National Energy Guarantee and state-based policies. The plan recognises that there are fundamental changes happening within the Australian energy system

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  • Global Insights: 17th July 2018

    July 17, 2018

    Global Insights: 17th July 2018

    AUSTRALIA ACCC report recommends extensive changes to the NEM The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have released a report this week on retail pricing in the National Electricity Market (NEM).  The report recognises that competition in the NEM is not working and that the current approach to policy, regulatory design and promotion of competition is not working in the best interests for consumers.  The report has 56 recommendations around four broad areas: Boosting competition in generation and retail Lowering costs in networks, environmental schemes and retail Enhancing consumer experiences and outcomes Improving business outcomes

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  • Global Insights: 26th June 2018

    June 26, 2018

    Global Insights: 26th June 2018

    AUSTRALIA Jemena takes on Western Power’s Frank Tudor for new managing director Jemena, one of the privately owned distribution companies for Melbourne and Victoria has appointed Frank Tudor, the former CEO of Wester Power, as their new managing director.  Frank Tudor has been instrumental in Western Australia (WA) in realising the benefits of DER in the electricity system.  Western Power are the state-owned transmission and distribution company in WA and have been at the forefront of promoting the use of micro-grids.  It will be interesting to see how Frank Tudor will integrate his expertise in

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  • Global Insights: 13th June 2018

    June 13, 2018

    Global Insights: 13th June 2018

    AUSTRALIA ATA and ENA show all electric is cheaper than dual fuel A report released this week by the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) and funded by Energy Consumers Australia (ECA) show that new homes, with efficient appliances, LED lighting, heat pump hot water systems and split system air-conditioning combined with a 5kW solar PV system could save the household between $900-$1,600 annually compared to dual fuel.  The report calls for education within the building industry to show the benefit of the all-electric home.  It also calls for a review of policies and programs that have

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  • Global Insights: 5th June 2018

    June 5, 2018

    Global Insights: 5th June 2018

    AUSTRALIA AEMC moving ahead with Finkel review recommendations The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has released a consultation on a proposed rule change on technical standards for generators.  The rule change request has been preceded by collaboration between the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), generators, network businesses and power systems engineers. The rule change, originating from one of the recommendations from the Finkel review, will ensure that all new generators will meet required security and reliability targets.  The targets will be set at a local level by the network companies and are dependent on local

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  • Progress in Energy System Transformation: The Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue

    April 24, 2018

    Progress in Energy System Transformation:  The Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue

    Progress in Energy System Transformation:  The Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue Anthony Froggatt, IGov Team and Senior Research Fellow at Chatham House, 24th April 2018 Taking stock of progress in the transformation of the global energy sector is necessary, to assess the pace of technology deployment; the impact that this is having on current systems; and the challenges ahead. The 4th Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD) does just this, but it was also an occasion to assess the geographical breadth of the transformation.  With BETD representatives from ninety countries, it is clear that there is now

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  • Global Insight 26: 8th January 2018

    January 9, 2018

    Global Insight 26: 8th January 2018

    Australia Hottest day in 80 years Unlike the ‘snowbomb’  hitting the USA , New South Wales, and in particular Sydney, had its hottest recorded temperatures for 80 years this weekend with the Penrith area reaching 47.3C.  Previous heat events have seen large areas losing power due to back-up generation being unavailable, whereas although 31,000 people lost power this weekend only 4 of the 42 outages were caused by overloading of the networks.  Critics have argued that the loss of power would have been much worse had the heatwave not been at the weekend and suggest

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  • Global Insight 25: 18th December 2017

    December 18, 2017

    Global Insight 25: 18th December 2017

    Australia Demand management incentive scheme The Australia Energy Regulator (AER) has this week released details of its Demand Management Incentive Scheme and the Demand Management Innovation Allowance.  The scheme will give more choice to how consumers use their household electricity and solar PV and storage systems by signing up to schemes such as virtual power plants.  This will enable distributors and consumers to work closer together to alleviate pressure on the grid. The AER estimates $1bn worth of demand management investment may be realised over 5 years. Report from the ISF suggests alternatives to

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  • New Thinking: Building political consensus for energy transformation in Britain

    November 22, 2017

    New Thinking: Building political consensus for energy transformation in Britain

    Building political consensus for energy transformation in Britain Matthew Lockwood, IGov Team, 23rd November 2017 The IGov project is about the governance structures and processes needed for the transformation of the British energy system. At the heart of this transformation is the need for the radical decarbonisation of energy, but in a way that is affordable and secure. We believe (and it is now fairly widely accepted) that this transformation will also involve a move away from a centralised supply focused paradigm towards more flexible demand and the expansion of distributed energy resources; indeed these

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  • Global Insight 21 – 21st November 2017

    November 21, 2017

    Global Insight 21 – 21st November 2017

    Australia Off-grid solutions for rural customers cheaper option for networks The Australian Energy Networks Association (ENA) in conjunction with the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) and the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) have called for a rule change to allow the networks to provide off-grid solutions to rural connections.  They state that recent trials in Western Australia have shown that using solar and battery storage with diesel generator back-up provides a more reliable, cost effective solution.  The rule change is required as networks are not allowed to provide generation or retail services, the same as the

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