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The Energy Policy Group

The University of Exeter’s Energy Policy Group (EPG) provides cutting edge, progressive thinking on the transition towards a sustainable, secure and affordable energy system. We take a research based approach to inform industry, policy makers and wider society, covering the demand side (e.g. behaviour, demand response, demand reduction), the supply side (e.g. renewables, CCS, nuclear, supply chains) and system operation (e.g. infrastructure, networks, smart grids, markets, regulations, institutions) as well as key crossing issues like innovation, governance and supply chains.

The EPG was established by Prof. Catherine Mitchell and Dr Bridget Woodman in 2007 to provide policy relevant research and analysis on a wide range of energy issues in the UK and internationally. Initially the focus was on developing the group presence, setting up an energy policy masters, building the group and publishing on a range of issues.

The group now comprises of eight staff, seven PhD students and eleven associates. As well as carrying out our own research, we provide advice and analysis to a wide range of key stakeholders on all sides of the energy debate. As the EPG grows we are focusing more on research that analyses and assesses policies against the need to deliver a more sustainable, secure and affordable energy system. We are continuing to build our national and international reputation by providing rigorous research informed by both current political and academic debates, as well as unpicking some of the complex, interrelated questions faced by the key players in energy systems. The EPG will continue to challenge the status quo to provide informed analysis and advice about ways to improve energy system performance.

Our future work will focus on innovation and governance within system change, energy economics and regulation, innovation policy, technical change, policy studies and the psychology and sociology of behaviour and energy use.

To find out more about the group and its members, visit the EPG webpages www.exeter.ac.uk/epg

For a high-level overview of the group and its projects (as of Oct 2016) EPG EPSRC


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