IGov Team

The IGov Team comprises of Professor Catherine Mitchell (Principal Investigator), Dr Matthew Lockwood, Jess Britton and Antony Froggatt (Research Fellows), Richard Hoggett (Research Manager) and Helen Poulter (PhD). Collectively the team brings together a range of interdisciplinary knowledge on energy, policy, regulation, international energy issues, theories of...

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About IGov

IGov: Innovation and Governance     Tackling climate change whilst ensuring energy security and affordability is a key challenge facing energy systems within GB and internationally. The goal of moving towards a more sustainable, low-carbon economy implies the need for a radical transition in the way that energy is both supplied and used, and the

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About EPG

The Energy Policy Group The Energy Policy Group at the University of Exeter provides an academic hub for the interdisciplinary study of energy policy. We place sustainability and change at the heart of debates about energy policy and governance. We work collaboratively with stakeholders and researchers on the economics and politics of energy to find

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Rising Stars

Content coming

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