IGov 2 Events

During IGov 2 we will be running a number of events including workshops and roundtables on energy system change. Details of all these events will be added to these pages.

Advisory Group

These pages provide and overview of the each Advisory Group Meeting

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Direction Setting

Efforts to decarbonise along with technology change and falling costs are driving energy system change. How far this transformation can be realised and managed depends on the response of policy makers and regulators. This workshop explored the issue of how we can align change at all levels with the direction set by high-level decarbonisation goals.

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EV Roundtable June 2018

The rise of electric vehicles and the impact that they are having on the power and transport sectors is a clear example of a fast approaching tipping point. This workshop explored what are the innovation and governance implications for the power sector of, what is expected to be, the rapid rise in the deployment of electric vehicles.

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Governance for net zero

This roundtable explored reforming energy governance to support the shift to a Net Zero economy. The transformation to achieve Net Zero within the next thirty years will likely require substantial changes to the governance of the UK’s energy system. The Government is currently consulting on a new governance regime for the set of industry codes and in September committed to producing a report on energy governance reform in 2020.

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Innovation and Governance for Future Energy Systems

Conference on innovation and governance issues for Future Energy Systems. Timed to coincide with International Women’s Day 2018 all the speakers and chairs are women from across industry, academia, regulation, government, communities and civil society.

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Local Governance

As the energy system becomes more decentralised and distributed their is a growing recognition of the importance of local energy governance within system change. This workshop considers how current governance, policy and regulation support action by the most appropriate actors at the right scale, and how action between local, regional and national governments can be coordinated.

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People at the heart of the energy system

The direction of energy system change is leading to a wide-spread recognition that people (as consumers, customers, citizens) must have a key role in the energy system going forward and many actors are calling for, or assuming that, people will need to be put at the heart of the energy system. But what does this actually mean?

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