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  • Presentation: Distribution Service Providers

    June 14, 2016

    Presentation: Distribution Service Providers

    Distribution Service Providers (DSP): a transformative energy system institution? From: Catherine Mitchell Presentation to: Inter-American Development Bank, Washington DC, 10 June 2016 Outline: Challenges facing energy system Opportunities facing energy system IGov ideas about transformative governance The importance of institutional governance Introduction to DSP The generic model New York REV model CA model   Download the presentation: CM IDB Washington DSP Slides

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  • US Regulatory Reform: NY utility transformation

    June 13, 2016

    US Regulatory Reform: NY utility transformation

    US REGULATORY REFORM SERIES What, and how, the New York utilities are expected to transform to over the next decade – the New York REV’s Ratemaking May 2016 Order Catherine Mitchell, IGov Team, 13 June 2016  In April 2014, Governor Cuomo of New York kicked off the New York Reforming the Energy Vision (NY REV). This encompasses multiple dimensions of regulated administrated programs, regulatory reform and new institutions – all of which work together to create an enabling environment for a transition to a sustainable energy future for New York State (NYS). The administered programs include

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  • New Thinking: Putting the environment back in GB energy policy

    May 31, 2016

    New Thinking: Putting the environment back in GB energy policy

    Putting the environment back into GB energy policy – stop being complacent about emission reduction Catherine Mitchell, IGov Team, 31 May 2016    British energy policy (and its institutions) is way too complacent about the health of the GB energy industry, and its future. IGov argues for greater linkage between the CCC – which sets out in broad terms the GHG emission reduction needed by a certain time – and energy policy and the energy industry. It seems to us that there is a major mitigation-size gap in the current institutional framework – no one institution

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  • Presentation: Green innovation and regulatory institutions

    May 24, 2016

    Presentation: Green innovation and regulatory institutions

    Green innovation and regulatory institutions: The case of smart electricity grids in Great Britain From: Matthew Lockwood Presentation to: ESRC Seminar series – Green Innovation: Making it Work, Brussels, 18 May 2016 Outline: Smart grids as a green innovation goal The central role of regulation and its failure to drive innovation Two responses in British case Opening up a space for RD&D Amending the regulatory framework From demonstration to diffusion? Concluding observations   Download the presentation: ML Brussels May

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