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  • Presentation: Energy Transformation

    April 26, 2016

    Presentation: Energy Transformation

    Energy Transformation: future challenges and opportunities From: Catherine Mitchell Presentation to: The Future of Environmental Politics – Environmental Politics of the Future. Celebrating 30 years of the Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU), Freie Universität Berlin – 26th April 2016 Outline: Global CO2 may have flattened; now need to reduce it There are considerable energy system challenges BUT opportunities as well There has been lots of change in some countries but needs to spread those changes to more countries, and at a quicker rate Need more transformational innovation BAU not good enough Very few transformational innovation mechanisms

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  • New Thinking: Restructuring GB’s Energy Institutions

    April 18, 2016

    New Thinking: Restructuring GB’s Energy Institutions

    Restructuring GB’s Energy Institutions – why it is worth the cost Catherine Mitchell, IGov Team, 18 April 2016  IGov has been advocating an institutional framework (see Figure 1) which it argues will better meet the challenges faced by the GB energy system, whilst also opening up new opportunities and enabling their capture (Table 1 at the end). However, from the point of DECC and the Minister, one can understand if they ask: what is the cost of this, and is it worth the effort? We argue that we cannot know what the true ‘total’ benefits

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  • New Thinking: Distribution Service Providers

    April 15, 2016

    New Thinking: Distribution Service Providers

    Distribution Service Providers – an Update 15th April 2016 In January we produced a blog introducing the idea of Distribution Services Providers. Since then we have been discussing and thinking about the idea in more detail and the slides below help explain what a DSP does. The slides show: the NY Reforming the Energy Vision to explain that DSPs are a new value proposition and become the ‘heart’ of the electricity system . how a DSP is the opposite of a traditional network company in relation to system optimisation and energy services. what the role

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  • Presentation: Transformative Governance

    April 14, 2016

    Presentation: Transformative Governance

    Transformative Governance: Speeding up change in global energy systems From: Catherine Mitchell Colloquium to: Energy and Resources Group, University of California, Berkley – 13 April 2016 Outline: What is energy governance?; Why is it important; What is Transformative Governance What characterises transformative governance versus other innovative or progressive governance Current challenges to be met – Opportunities of change to be captured Significant energy system changes (and opportunities) are already happening in some countries – derive from a few transformative mechanisms Its not only governance change we need,  but transformative governance change What characterises transformative governance? Examples How transferable is

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