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Shortcut to Key IGov Findings

Shortcut to key IGov findings

1st August 2019

This blog wraps up some of the key IGov ideas and arguments, providing a ‘quick’ read and introduction. The IGov website has over 600 pieces of work on it and is the place to go for full details.

The IGov project is coming to an end in the autumn (2019) and the next few months are going to be spent disseminating our arguments for the governance reform we think is needed if we are to accelerate and more cost effectively enable the transformation to a sustainable, equitable, secure energy system which includes people and their wishes in a meaningful way.

Getting energy governance right: Lessons from IGov

This is short paper wraps up the key ideas of IGov. It includes our 3 main frameworks and how they fit together, covering: a reformed institutional energy system governance framework;  a local governance framework;  and a market design framework.



Enabling the transformation of the energy system

This short paper sets out the arguments for a new coordinating body: the Energy Transformation Commission. We argue that the energy system transformation is anyway complicated and needs coordinating but if we want to accelerate that transformation in line with Committee on Climate Change targets and for it to be as cost effective as possible then we need a coordinating body which is specifically set up to deliver that transformation.


Governance for local energy transformations

The electricity system is going to be central to delivering a sustainable energy system and requires institutional changes, including new market design.  Many of the changes in the energy system – whether electricity, heat or mobility – are happening at the local level, and that means that there also needs to be changes at the local level, with new roles and resources. This blog sets out an overview local governance and its link to national energy governance.


Electricity Market Design

Whilst IGov argues for some institutional changes and different types of regulatory mechanisms (as a result of regulatory reform which would lead to different roles) it also argues that the current market design needs reform. We have a blog series which sets out arguments for why this is; what markets we think are necessary and how they should be designed; and the links between markets and networks companies.


IGov Primers – some of our key themes and reads

We have produced eight IGov primers intended to bring together some of the key outputs of IGov across several different themes. They provide a quick route into different areas of our research on energy system innovation and governance and highlight what we think are some of our key reads.



The IGov institutional framework for energy governance

Finally, we have a blog which even more briefly – with only a small amount of explanation – sets out the various diagrams and how they fit together as a fit for purpose energy governance framework.



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