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IGov Primers – some of our key themes and reads

IGov Primers

We have produced eight IGov primers intended to bring together some of the key outputs of IGov across several different themes. They provide a quick route into different areas of our research on energy system innovation and governance and highlight what we think are some of our key reads. You can access all the primers via this link, or from the individual links below.

Primer – Fit for Purpose GB Energy Governance Framework

This primer pulls together our key thinking on how governance within GB needs to change, what that might look like, and how it can happen. Without getting a fit-for-purpose governance framework in place, it will become increasingly difficult to transform the energy system at the pace needed, and in a way that is equitable and cost effective.



Primer – the UK Capacity Market

This primer summarises our work on the Capacity Market. We have consistently questioned the need for a Capacity Market in the UK low carbon transition, as well as the process by which it developed. It’s an example of how governance of the UK energy system can act to impede change in the direction of a more sustainable system.


Primer – Local energy and the changing role of people

This primer summarises our work on local energy and the changing role of people within energy systems. The two areas are interlinked and are vital parts of the governance story for creating a secure, affordable, equitable and low carbon energy system.



Primer – New York State REV

This primer looks at New York State Reforming the Energy Vision (REV). Proposed in 2014, the (REV) is a governance process that teared up the rule book to put in place a fit-for-purpose governance for sustainable technologies and new ways of system operation / customer wishes / business models / economic regulation.


Primer – Energy System Change in Eastern Australia

This covers our research on the changes being experienced within the Eastern Australia energy system. This is an example of where the ‘future’ energy system is already happening. This has been driven by a number of factors, which could happen to any country and as such is an importance place to follow for energy system transformations.


Primer – DSPs and valuing DER

This primer summarises our work on Distribution Service Providers and valuing Distributed Energy Resources. With the traditional role of utilities being challenged by developments in technology, policy, user preferences and business models, this primer looks at the implications for how network companies should change.


Primer – Energy Codes and Licenses

This primer looks at our research on Energy Industry Codes. We have consistently argued that the codes that govern the energy system need to change in order to better enable a low carbon transformation. The evidence behind this is set out in the primer, including all our submissions to the CMA and national consultations on the issue.


Primer – RIIO

Overall, we feel that RIIO is an improvement on RPI-X, but it is still a Business-as-Usual approach which is not well linked into the wider regulatory, policy or institutional landscape. Moreover, we are concerned that it is not sufficiently stringent to distribution companies align with the needs of the carbon budgets.



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