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Context for Roundtable

The GB energy system has already undergone significant change and further change is expected across electricity, heat and transport. The direction of travel is challenging the current top down and centralised system, in respect to its design, operation and governance; and this will continue as the system becomes more distributed and closer to end users. This shift is leading to a wide-spread recognition that people (as consumers, customers, citizens) must have a key role in the energy system going forward and many actors are calling for, or assuming that, people will need to be put at the heart of the energy system.

But what does this actually mean? What does a people centred energy system look like? What needs to change and how can that change be enabled? How can people’s needs be met, whilst rewarding those that offer services to the system, and how do we do this equitably and securely? The aim of this roundtable is to explore some of these issues, through a range of insights and focussed discussion based on two sessions.

Session 1: What does a people focussed energy system look like? 

Questions to consider:

  • What are some of the key components of a people focussed energy system?
  • What outcomes are we trying to achieve? Are some more important than others?
  • How do we ensure equity and justice for all energy users?


Session 2: How do we enable people to be put at the centre?

Questions to consider:

  • What needs to happen in terms of policy & regulation?
  • What does the industry need to do across heat, electricity and transport?
  • How can people best be engaged?
  • Who are the wider enablers of change at a local level?


The roundtable context, agenda and participants can be downloaded here: IGov People at the centre of the energy system 10th July 2018

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