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The Energy Den

The Energy Den session was a short 7 minute format that gave 17 key thinkers from industry, academia, NGOs, and independent observers the opportunity to give a personal vision for the future of the energy system, along with a brief statement of the changes in policy, institutions or governance they think are needed to realise that vision. We ran this session under Chatham House Rules, although we will be providing a short non-attributed summary of the key themes that emerged during the Energy Den (coming soon).


Since the conference there have been some blogs linked to the event and some of the ideas put forward in the Energy Den have also been made available, these can be accessed below:

Matthew Lockwood: The Belly Of A (System) Architect 

Cornwall Energy: Energy industry governance in the spotlight

Simon Roberts: The missing ingredient in UK energy policy governance?

Judith Ward: Electricity Demand-Side Retail Markets Evolution 

Rebecca Willis: Local control of energy supply and demand


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