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Submission: CCC – Building a zero carbon economy

Building a zero carbon economy – Call for Evidence

IGov response to the Committee on Climate Change

Dr Rebecca Willis & Professor Catherine Mitchell, Energy Policy Group, University of Exeter



IGov, a project of the University of Exeter’s Energy Policy Group, examines innovation and governance in the energy system. We focus on the fundamental, rapid energy system change that is happening at the moment, driven by technological, social and environmental factors; and examine the shifts in governance that are required in order to meet crucial goals, including carbon reduction. The evidence offered to the CCC is based on research within the UK and other countries including the US, Australia, Denmark, Germany and Portugal.

IGov analysis shows that significant reform of energy governance is necessary to achieve a zero carbon economy. In summary, the following changes are needed:

  • A shift to a more people-focussed energy system, which combines consumer protection with a wider understanding of people’s roles as citizens, engaging in the transition to zero-carbon.
  • Better co-ordination of energy policy with climate change objectives. This could be achieved through a strategic body tasked with overseeing the energy and carbon objectives, in line with the UK’s carbon targets – an ‘energy system transformation commission’. This would be closely linked to the CCC.
  • Regulatory reform, towards a model of adaptive regulation, to encourage innovative energy services, linking supply, demand, response and storage; and linking across buildings and transport.


Below, we offer more detail on these recommendations, in answering four of the consultation questions………..

You can download the full submission here:  CCC call for evidence zero-carbon economy – IGov response

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