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Report: The Renewable Energy Planning Panel

The Renewable Energy Planning Panel

The Renewable Energy Planning Panel (REPP) was set up in February 2003 to analyse the planning policy issues for renewable energy raised by:

  • the White Paper on Energy Policy and the need to implement a renewable energy policy capable of meeting its vision
  • the proposed revision of Planning Policy Guidance Note (PPG) 22 on Renewable Energy
  • and the requirement of Government to formally reply to the EU in October 2003 about planning issues raised in the Renewables Directive.


The group, chaired by Dr Catherine Mitchell of Warwick Business School, brought together a broad group of stakeholders involved in renewable energy and spatial planning. The aims of REP are to:

  • discuss the key issues related to renewable and planning policy and,
  • where relevant, make recommendations for change
  • to make known these issues and recommendations to Government
  • IODPM but also other Departments such as the DTI, DEFRA, MoD),
  • regional assemblies, local authorities and planners
  • lead to policy change and better informed decision-making.


The REPP met six times between February and August 2003 and held a workshop for local planning authority planners in September 2003. This report is a product of this process. The REPP is not a consensus body. Whilst it is not expected that there will be agreement amongst members on all issues, this report endeavours to set out the differences of opinion to present a balanced and authoritative report, where all views are represented. The costs of the REPP, an entirely independent body, have been met by Powergen.

The report can be downloaded here: The Renewable Energy Planning Panel

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