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Presentations: Copenhagen Meetings Nov 2016

Copenhagen Meetings Nov 2016

From: Catherine Mitchell

Presentation 1: A Fit-for-Purpose GB Energy Governance

To: Center For Design, Innovation, and Sustainable Transition, Aalborg Univesity, Copenhagen, 23rd November 2016.


  • There is an enormous amount of change going on in energy systems (technology (supply, demand and operation); economics; social preferences; environmental understanding, business models etc) which is leading to uncertainty
  • Given this situation, energy policy decision-makers, when encouraging innovation:
    • have to make the ‘right’ decisions, then
    • be constantly vigilant about unforeseen consequences, and then
    • be prepared to ‘re-set’ the policy to get it back on track
    • this requires a clear Vision and Direction
  • This is designing governance (policies, institutions, market and network rules and incentives) to encourage a sustainable future, and then letting markets work within that framework


There is an accompanying paper to the presentation which argues that the GB energy system is likely to suffer serious disruption in the near to mid-term unless GB restructures its governance system to be fit for purpose to enable innovation rather than stifle it, as is the current situation. The paper

  • Sets out general challenges facing energy system transformation
  • Sets out the additional, specific challenges faced by GB
  • Sets out principles of institutional reform
  • Sets out the solutions for the GB problems: the IGov framework
  • Provides references


The presentation can be downloaded here: Mitchell Copenhagen November 2016

The paper, can be downloaded here: GB Energy Governance for Innovation, Sustainability and Affordability


Presentation 2: Experimenting with market design

To: I-REMB Advisory Board, Copenhagen, 21st Nov 2016

The I-REMB presentation is available here: IREMB November 2016


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