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Presentation: Transformative Governance

Transformative Governance: Speeding up change in global energy systems

From: Catherine Mitchell

Colloquium to: Energy and Resources Group, University of California, Berkley – 13 April 2016


  • What is energy governance?; Why is it important; What is Transformative Governance
  • What characterises transformative governance versus other innovative or progressive governance
    • Current challenges to be met – Opportunities of change to be captured
    • Significant energy system changes (and opportunities) are already happening in some countries – derive from a few transformative mechanisms
    • Its not only governance change we need,  but transformative governance change
    • What characterises transformative governance?
    • Examples
  • How transferable is transformative governance?
    • ‘Whole’ energy systems
    • Governance ‘Learning’
    • To change or not to change governance?
  • Conclusions


Download the presentation: Mitchell ERG-April-2016

More about the ERG Colloquium: ERG Colloquium – Catherine Mitchell

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