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Presentation: Innovation & Governance Research Overview

IGov 1 and 2 – Innovation & Governance Research Overview

From: Catherine Mitchell

Presentation to: RCUK Energy Programme Scientific Advisory Committee, Swindon, 6th June 2017



  • Definitions
  • Energy is a whole system (electricity, heat and transport) and its governance has to recognise that, and be fit for purpose for the desired outcomes
  • GB governance remains the ‘enabler’ of the ‘old’, ‘dirty’, inefficient, inflexible ES and key ‘blocker’ to new, efficient, ‘clean’ ES – despite stated Govt goals supporting the latter
  • Why it matters that GB governance is not fit-for-purpose
  • Why IGov approach to governance matters – we highlight by whom, why and how changes are resisted / supported
  • Models assume necessary governance changes will occur, do not make explicit what those governance changes need to be, and are electricity focused
  • IGov 1 summary, Fit-for-Purpose GB Energy Governance Framework, Requirements for transformational governance
  • IGov 2 –  IGov for Future Energy Systems (FES)


Download the slides here: Mitchell_SAC Meeting June 2017

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