Book Chapter: Defining and Projecting EU Energy Policy

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Book Chapter: Defining and Projecting EU Energy Policy

Book Chapter: Defining and Projecting EU Energy Policy

New book chapter from Caroline Kuzemko and Amelia Hadfield: Defining and Projecting EU Energy Policy pp 21-50 in Jakub M. Godzimirski (editor) EU Leadership in Energy and Environmental Governance – Global and Local Challenges and Responses, published by Palgrave Macmillian. For more information visit the Palgrave wesbite

Published Oct 2015

This edited collection focuses on the impact of the changing global distribution of power on the EU’s energy policy and ability to project its approach to energy-related issues abroad. It maps the EU’s changing position on global energy, the impact of various factors on its energy policy, and its relations with Russia, China, the USA and Brazil.

Chapter Abstract:

What is EU energy policy — and how successful is the EU in projecting it? Of course, posing questions about the nature of EU energy policy presumes that the EU has a collective energy policy. This has been a slowly emerging and contested area of EU competence — certainly in comparison with other sectors. The question of what EU energy policy is can be answered by pointing to the three ‘pillars’ that have historically constituted the objectives of EU energy policy: climate-change mitigation, energy supply security and establishing competitive, integrated markets (EC 2013a). EU energy policy might in this way be explained as the application of various strategies and instruments, and the establishment of institutions, in pursuit of these three objectives.



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