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Aims of Day

Aims for the Workshop

We are hoping to have a focused discussion which leads to clear principles for reform of the code governance system and governance architecture to fit for the needs of a rapidly evolving energy system. The issues are very interlinked so it is impossible to have discussion sessions which are entirely separate. We have split the day into two sessions, as it seems to us that there are two broad issues which need to be clarified.

Session 1: Code simplification, consolidation and administration

Questions to consider:

  • Given the number, length and complexity of Codes, should they be rewritten and /or consolidated, and if so how?
  • Do they need new objectives?
  • How can the administration of codes be improved, especially for smaller participants with relatively few resources?


Session 2: Discussion on Code Governance Architecture

Questions to consider:

  • What should the institutional framework be for Codes and Licenses?
  • How can we ensure that there is sufficient coordination of change across codes to meet the needs of the changing energy system?
  • How can transparency and accountability be improved, and what are the trade-offs with investor certainty?

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