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Aims for the Workshop

Aims for the Workshop

We are hoping to have a focused discussion under Chatham House rules about the value of distribution service providers versus distribution system operators. We hope it will stimulate further GB discussion about the appropriate role of distribution in the move to a sustainable, secure and affordable energy system. Furthermore, we hope it will help the IGov team to develop a ‘whole system’ governance framework suitable for enabling an energy system transformation to that end, and to make recommendations to policy makers on that basis.

Questions to Address Over the Day

  • What is the difference of a Distribution System Operator or a Distribution Service Provider?
  • Where will the value be for distributed energy resources within the energy framework, and who will capture it?
  • What is the appropriate institutional framework for:
    • integrating transmission and distribution networks,
    • national and local markets
    • integrating electricity, gas, heat and transport
  • What institutions, policy and regulation are needed?


Session 1: Concepts, what does a DSP do, how is it different from a DSO; and what is the boundary between the DSP / DSO with the SO

This session will provide an introduction to the DSP as envisaged in the New York Reforming the Energy Vision,  explain the differences between a DSO and DSP,  and provide contextual oversight to the current GB issues around distribution and system operator issues.

Session 2: Issues or barriers with the current energy system framework and whether there is value from a DSP in overcoming these

This session will explore from a variety of different actors some of the issues of the current institutional framework for their interests, and whether a DSP approach might help overcome these?

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