Richard Hoggett

Richard is the research manager for IGov and brings a broad range of expertise to the team from 15 years of working on sustainable energy policy and practice within the UK. His early career was at a community development trust where he set up and ran a range of community scale renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, as well as carrying out education and awareness-raising work with the public and in schools. He worked at the Centre for Sustainable Energy for five years, running national energy projects and a number of pilots for local authorities and communities, before becoming an independent energy consultant. He joined the Energy Policy Group as an associate in 2010.

Richard has worked with a wide range of actors within the energy system, including local authorities, NGO’s, energy companies and academia, through a number of practical and research based projects on issues such as planning, fuel poverty, renewable energy policy, the demand side, supply chains, energy policy, community renewables, financing, carbon offsetting, skills, community development and climate change communications. He has an excellent understanding of the issues and opportunities for linking policy to practice. He is particularly interested in the links between innovation and governance in relation to the role of people and communities within the energy system, as well the importance of the demand side and energy security to a sustainable future.

Find out more about Richard and his work here.

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