Graham White CBE

Graham is an energy policy and strategy advisor, who advises governments, international organisations and public companies.  He is particularly experienced in leading reviews of domestic and international energy issues and policies, advising on energy strategies, in drawing together and managing relevant expertise and building consensus on a way forward.

He has 20 years of experience of working at a senior level in a number of energy policy areas for the UK Government. These have covered a range of domestic UK policy interests, including energy strategies (and associated policy frameworks), analysis (statistics and modelling of energy trends and projections), energy efficiency and social policies, but have more recently focussed on international and EU policies.

Before retiring from the UK Civil Service in July 2011 he was Director of International, EU and Energy Security policy in the Department of Energy and Climate Change.   The directorate is responsible for setting the strategic direction for policy on international energy security and low carbon technology, European energy and climate change policy, energy resilience (including emergency planning), and domestic (UK) energy security (particularly gas markets and infrastructure policy).

As Director of International Energy Policy, Graham was the UK’s representative on a number of international bodies, including the International Energy Agency’s Governing Board for 5 years and during this time also chaired the IEA’s Oil Market Group.

Before working on energy policy and analysis Graham worked in a number of Government departments including the Department of Trade and Industry, the Treasury, Cabinet Office, Inland Revenue and National Statistics Office.

In January 2011 Graham was made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Her Majesty the Queen in recognition of his contribution to international energy policy.

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