"A real highlight of the project for me was when Carlos requested a loan of clickers, phone and flip cameras for a conference presentation in Portugal. I never thought the project would travel this far! Nor that Integrative technologies would get an almost full page spread in a Portuguese newspaper."

Liz Dunne Head of Project Development, Education Enhancement Unit

Building a Resilient Network

The Integrative Technologies project team would like to thank all the staff and students in the Business School who have been involved in this project and who have shared their own experiences with great openness and professional generosity. The many ways the project has travelled locally, nationally and internationally has been quite inspirational.

Outputs from the project

Whilst the Integrative technologies project has been primarily about developing new processes and putting in place new ways of working with technology, we have a number of outputs from our work aimed mainly at supporting staff development. As far as possible throughout the project we have tried to include Business School staff in all papers and presentations, to share their experiences and expertise and to help them find ways to take the project forward. The outputs from the project are:

Technology specific resources

A growing set of case studies and 'how to' guides which cover the technologies we have worked with during the project

Talking Heads

8 Technologies in under an Hour

To discuss the '8 Technologies in Under an Hour' workshop designed and facilited by Juliette Stephenson and Carlos Cortinhas please contact Juliette Stephenson, Head of Student Learning in the Business School

This workshop has been delivered to Business School staff and is now included in the staff induction process. It has also been delivered as a one day training session at Herriot Watt University and in Portugal.

Student as Change Agents

Papers and presentations

CAMEL Cluster Collaboration

Project reports


The project blog: