The Business School has a diverse mix of students from 82 countries and leading academics from 18.


Staff have trialled technologies to support personalisation of the curriculum, despite increasing student numbers.

Large Student Cohorts

During the 2 years of the project student numbers increased from 650 to 1000+ first year undergraduates.

Learning Communities

One aim of the project was to find ways to help students feel part of a learning community and to help staff pilot technologies to support this.

Linking Themes and Technologies

The INTEGRATE Project addressed the four challenges of internationalisation, large student cohorts, personalisation and learning communities. Many of the technologies we used supported all of the themes, enabling all students to be known, whatever their background and nationality, as individuals within a very large and diverse group.
The students as Change Agents Projects investigated some of the themes and the technologies in more detail.

Students as Change Agents

The Integrate project and the Students as Change Agents project have developed alongside one another during 2010. Find out more >>