The Exeter VLE (ELE)

VLE : Staff have been improving the 'blend' of face to face and online activity on our new Exeter Learning Environment (ELE) Find out more >>

SMS in Lectures

SMS is used with great effect to ask open questions such as 'What is Science?' and 'Is Economics a Science?' Find out more >>


Wikis are being used to enhance groupwork with large and diverse groups of Masters level students. Find out more >>

Assessment and feedback

Assessment and feedback with large student cohorts remains one of the main challenges in the Business School and beyond. Find out more >>

Lecture Capture

Streaming lectures via Echo360 is increasingly used: Staff skills and delivery are improving and students love it. Find out more >>


Podcasts are recorded by students and a system is being developed to allow sharing via the Business School intranet. Find out more >>

Supporting INTEGRATE themes

Wikis, Flip Camcorders, SMS in lectures, and Audience Response 'Clickers' support all students being 'known' as individuals by their teachers and by their peers, and are particularly appropriate for large cohorts and promoting communities of learners. The VLE, streamed lectures and podcasts enable learning for all students, and are particularly valued by international cohorts.

The Grand Google Map'

The Grand Google Map celebrates student diversity and cultural backgrounds Find out more >>

Audience Response 'Clickers'

4000 'Clickers' have been given to Business School taught students with an enormous impact on engagement. Find out more >>

Flip Camcorders

Flip videos are widely used to capture student presentations, with an impact on attendance and standards. Find out more >>

Turnitin and Grademark

In the context of assessment and feedback, Turnitin and Grademark are now being piloted across the University. Find out more >>

Free Technologies

Students are independently using a range of free technologies to support their learning, such as Facebook, Skype and Googledocs.