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This Practical Guide is written to help you plan for the use of Wikis with large student cohorts. This was the first large scale use of the Confluence wiki system at Exeter University and was developed by Alex Janes on the Masters level 'Strategy' Module in 2010. Outcomes from the wiki project were presented at the 2010 BMAF and Hertfordshire E-Learning conferences. Feedback from these conferences led to further development of the use of wikis for the 2011 cohort. The wiki component of this module has now increased from 30% to 50% of the total module mark.

'"In  a nutshell Wiki is a  new and handy group assignment tool which in my opinion should be promoted to wider range of use.'

Masters student, BEMM119

'If I work with Wiki in the future it will be definitely easier for me as I already have this experience'.

Masters student, BEMM119

Why use Wikis with large groups?


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Talking Head Video

Alex Janes talks about his use of Wikis

'"These days, we worked together, had several meetings. We argued, we wrote, we began to know each other, like each other. It's the first time I saw someone work so hard. You gave me the chance to learn a lot. It's a happy time for me. Hopefully for you all. Thank you, guys! Good luck to us'.

Masters student, BEMM119