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About this guide

This Practical Guide is written to help you use student video in learning and teaching. At Exeter we have been using Flip Video Cameras.

'Because it's videoed it gives the presentation a lot more importance- you really feel as if you are under pressure'

First Year Business School student

'On the subject of large numbers, one of the most impressive proceedings presentations I saw explored the use of Flip camcorders to enhance learning with large cohorts. Elisabeth Dunne, Laura Taylor, and Karen Leslie demonstrated their use of Flip cameras which resulted in a personalised learning experience for 400 students - yes, 400! As an exercise in peer learning, managed by students, this was really inspirational; I'll definitely be consulting them about their methods, as it's rare to find such effective large cohort teaching.'

Helen Keegan, Senior Lecturer in Interactive Media and Social Technologies at the University of Salford

Why use Flip Video for learning?

Talking Head Video

Jenny Wren, talking about improving learning in large cohorts through the use of Flip Video cameras

Jenny Wren and Laura Taylor talking about the benefits of flip cameras