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SALSEA genetic database of Atlantic salmon released

Gilbey et al. (in press) A microsatellite baseline for genetic stock identification of European Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.). ICES Journal of Marine Science

Soft coral species exhibit strikingly different patterns of connectivity around the British Isles

Has the evolution of marine creatures been shaped by barriers to connectivity, as observed in many terrestrial species?

South West experts unite to fight deadly frog-killing fungus

Scientists at the region’s leading zoological charity have joined forces with researchers at the University of Exeter to develop a ground-breaking test for a disease that’s sweeping through the natural world.

See: Brixham News article for more details...

NERC GW4+ DTP PhD studentship: Marine connectivity in sea fans and soft corals: implications for conservation and the designation of Marine Protected Areas

The proposed project will investigate the extent of selection driving genetic differences between populations of the two species, E. verucosa at the northern limit of its range, A. digitatum at its southern limit. We will explore fundamental differences in their basic biology to elucidate biological factors that might be contributing to the markedly different patterns of genetic structure observed, whether due to differences in connectivity or to selection.

Large-scale study reveals new insights into coral and symbiotic algae partnership

Eroded Orbicella

A large-scale study of Caribbean coral has yielded discoveries on the pairing process between an endangered coral and the microscopic symbiotic algae they rely on for survival. See

Assessing straying rates and mixed stock exploitation of sea trout

Investigating patterns of straying and mixed stock exploitation of sea trout, Salmo trutta, in rivers sharing an estuary in south-west England


MSc by Research project

Mapping the distribution of the bog hoverfly Eristalis cryptarum on Dartmoor: development of an eDNA methodology Ref: 2126

Project Description:  

MEEG students at the International Congress on Conservation Biology, Montpellier

MEEG PhD student Tracey Hamston and Honorary Associate Andrew Bowkett presented their work at the International Congress on Conservation Biology in Montpellier last week. This was the biggest conservation biology conference yet with over 2,000 delegates.

Pollution Spurs Rapid Evolution in Trout

Adaptation in trout (Salmo trutta L.) evolution is tied to key moments in human history, so writes leading natural history author Dr Dan Eatherley in this weeks Scientific American.



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