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Female sea trout drive chalk stream juvenile numbers

Congratulations to Jill Goodwin et al.

Goodwin, J.C.A., King, R.A., Jones, J.I., Ibbotson, A. and Stevens, J.R. (2016) A small number of anadromous females drive reproduction in a brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) population in an English chalk stream catchment.  Freshwater Biology (accepted 9th March 2016). 

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After major amounts of work, many revisions and re-writes (and a tortuously long review process!), the paper by Jill Goodwin [née Ashton] and Andy King has been accepted for publication in Freshwater Biology. This is an excellent bit of research and uses stable isotope analysis and genetic parentage analysis to explore parental investment in trout, in particular, exploring the differential contributions of anadromous sea trout vs resident trout, and male vs female fish.

Jill was jointly supervised by Drs Anton Ibbotson (CEH Dorset/GWCT) and Dr Jamie Stevens (Exeter), with additional input from Dr Iwan Jones (Queen Mary).

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