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Recent Publications

In the field of fish population genetics... 
  • King, R.A., Miller, A.L. and Stevens, J.R. (2021). Has stocking contributed to an increase in the rod catch of anadromous trout (Salmo trutta L.) in the Shetland Islands, UK?  Journal of Fish Biology, 99: 980–989.
  • Gilbey, J. et al. (2021). The early marine distribution of Atlantic salmon in the North-east Atlantic: A genetically informed stock-specific synthesis.  Fish and Fisheries, 22: 1274–1306
  • Sherman, K.D., Paris, J.R., King, R.A., Moore, K.A., Dahlgren, C.P., Knowles, L.C., Stump, K., Tyler, C.R. and Stevens, J.R. (2020). RAD-seq analysis and in situ monitoring of Nassau grouper reveal fine-scale population structure and origins of aggregating fish.  Frontiers in Marine Science, 7: 157. 
  • Paris, J. R., Sherman, K. D., Bell, E. , Boulenger, C. , Delord, C. , El‐Mahdi, M. B., Fairfield, E. A., Griffiths, A. M., Gutmann Roberts, C. , Hedger, R. D., Holman, L. E., Hooper, L. H., Humphries, N. E., Katsiadaki, I. , King, R. A., Lemopoulos, A. , Payne, C. J., Peirson, G. , Richter, K. K., Taylor, M. I., Trueman, C. N., Hayden, B. and Stevens, J. R. (2018), Understanding and managing fish populations: keeping the toolbox fit for purpose. J Fish Biol, 92: 727-751. doi:10.1111/jfb.13549
  • Ikediashi, C., Paris, J.R., King, R.A., Beaumont, W.R.C., Ibbotson, A. and Stevens, J.R. (2018) Atlantic salmon Salmo salar in the chalk streams of England are genetically unique. Journal of Fish Biology 92: 621–641.
In the field of marine connectivity and MPA design... 
  • Jenkins, TL and Stevens, JR (2022) Predicting habitat suitability and range shifts under projected climate change for two octocorals in the north-east Atlantic. PeerJ, 10: e13509
  • Hooper, L., Jenkins, T.L., Griffiths, A.M., Moore, K.A. and Stevens J.R. (2021) The complete mitochondrial genome of the pink sea fan, Eunicella verrucosa (Pallas, 1766). Mitochondrial DNA Part B: Resources, 6: 3309-3311.
  • Ellis, C.D., Jenkins, T.L., Svanberg, L., Eriksson, S.P. and Stevens J.R. (2020) Crossing the pond: genetic assignment detects lobster hybridisation.  Scientific Reports, 10: 7781.
  • Jenkins TLEllis CD, Triantafyllidis A, Stevens JR (2019) Single nucleotide polymorphisms reveal a genetic cline across the northeast Atlantic and enable powerful population assignment in the European lobster. Evolutionary Applications (
  • Jenkins, TL, Castilho, R and Stevens, JR (2018) Meta-analysis of northeast Atlantic marine taxa shows contrasting phylogeographic patterns following post-LGM expansions. PeerJ, 6: e5684.
  • Jenkins TL and Stevens JR (2018) Assessing connectivity between MPAs: selecting taxa and translating genetic data to inform policy. Marine Policy, 94: 165-173.
  • Jenkins TL, Ellis CD, and Stevens JR (2018) SNP discovery in European lobster (Homarus gammarus) using RAD sequencing. Conservation Genetics Resources,
  • Holland LP, Jenkins TL, and Stevens JR (2017) Contrasting patterns of population structure and gene flow facilitate exploration of connectivity in two widely distributed temperate octocorals. Heredity, 119: 35-48.
  • Kennedy, E.V., Tonk, L., Foster, N.L., Chollett, I., Ortiz, J.-C., Dove, S., Hoegh-Guldberg, O., Mumby, P.J. and Stevens, J.R. (2017) Symbiodinium biogeography tracks environmental patterns rather than host genetics in a key Caribbean reef-builder, Orbicella annularis.  Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, B., 283: 20161938. 
In the fields of parasitology and entomology...
  • Arias-Robledo, G., Wall, R., Szpila, K., Shpeley. D., Whitworth, T., Stark, T., King, R.A. and Stevens, J.R. (2019). Ecological and geographical speciation in Lucilia bufonivora: The evolution of amphibian obligate parasitism.  International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife, 10: 218–230.
  • Arias-Robledo, G., Stevens, J.R. and Wall, R.L. (2019). Spatial and temporal habitat partitioning by calliphorid blowflies. Medical and Veterinary Entomology, 33: 228–237.
  • Arias-Robledo, G., Stark, T., Wall, R.L. and Stevens, J.R. (2019). The toad fly Lucilia bufonivora: its evolutionary status and molecular identification.  Medical and Veterinary Entomology, 33: 131–139.
  • Hutchinson, R. and Stevens, J. R. (2018) Barcoding in trypanosomes. Parasitology, 145: 563–573.
  • Espinosa-Álvareza, O., Ortiza, P.A., Lima, L., Costa-Martins, A.G., Serrano, M.G., Herder, S., Buck, G.A., Camargo, E.P., Hamilton, P.B., Stevens, J.R. and Teixeira, M.M.G. (2018). Trypanosoma rangeli is phylogenetically closer to Old World trypanosomes than to Trypanosoma cruzi. International Journal for Parasitology, 48: 569–584

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