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NERC GW4+ DTP PhD studentship: Marine connectivity in sea fans and soft corals: implications for conservation and the designation of Marine Protected Areas

The proposed project will investigate the extent of selection driving genetic differences between populations of the two species, E. verucosa at the northern limit of its range, A. digitatum at its southern limit. We will explore fundamental differences in their basic biology to elucidate biological factors that might be contributing to the markedly different patterns of genetic structure observed, whether due to differences in connectivity or to selection. In the absence of published octocoral genomes, we will use RADseq to identify loci specific to geographical regions and/or under selection (at Exeter). The molecular analysis will be complemented by common garden experiments and heat stress exposures in a controllable marine mesocosm at PML.



Closing date: 6th January 2017

The University of Exeter, The Queen's Drive, Exeter, Devon, UK EX4 4QJ
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