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Primer – New York State REV

IGov Primer – New York State Reforming the Energy Vision


Formally proposed in 2014, the New York State Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) is a governance process that IGov has followed closely. Following Hurricane Sandy there was a mandate from the people of New York State to address the energy system. The approach taken was to proactively tear up the rule book to put in place a fit-for-purpose governance for sustainable technologies and new ways of system operation / customer wishes / business models / economic regulation.  We think the REV is a fundamentally different regulatory and market framework for energy and that it is a far better fit for dealing with the current challenges of the energy system. To ignore the lessons the REV provides us, or to think it is too disruptive, would be short-sighted.

Below are some of the key insights we have produced on the NY REV. For a general introduction to REV we would recommend that you start with the June 2014 blog and then read the follow-up annual blogs in 2015, June 2016 and 2017. If you want a more detailed overview read the full Reforming the Energy Vision Document or the Track 1 Green Paper which sets out the REV policy Framework (p10 – 30 give a good summary).

Our work on REV also links to other areas of the IGov research. REV can be viewed alongside our wider work on insights from America (forthcoming primer). Valuing DER is central to REV and we have a separate primer on this and it closely links to the need for a central ‘new’ institution within REV – Distribution Service Providers (DSPs) which is a coordinating and market facilitating role of the distribution utility – see our primer on DSPs and valuing DER for more information on these.












You can download the primer here: Primer – NYS REV

Last Updated: February 2019

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