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  • Primer – the UK Capacity Market

    December 2, 2019

    Primer – the UK Capacity Market

    IGov Primer – The UK Capacity Market   Context IGov has consistently questioned the need for a Capacity Market in the UK low carbon transition, as well as the process by which it developed. It is a clear demonstration of how governance of the UK energy system can act to impede change in the direction of a more sustainable system. This Primer summarises the research and thinking we have produced on the Capacity Market. For an overview of the issues we see with the Capacity Market read the opinion piece on Britain’s dinosaur capacity market will

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  • Primer – Local energy and the changing role of people

    December 1, 2019

    Primer – Local energy and the changing role of people

    IGov Primer – Local energy and the changing role of people Context This Primer combines two interlinked areas of IGov research. One on our work on the growing importance of local energy, bringing in the changing role of city networks and local authorities, as well as the potential of more local energy systems to enable people to become more involved within the energy system. This links to our wider thinking on the changing role of people, as consumers, customers and citizens within energy systems and the case for putting them at the heart of the system

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  • Presentations: Reforming energy goverance for net zero

    November 18, 2019

    Presentations: Reforming energy goverance for net zero

    Presentations: Reforming energy governance for net zero  Presentations from:  Energy Systems Catapult – Introduction & aims for the day Catherine Mitchell – Getting Energy Governance Right FPSA Perspective Catherine Mitchell – What reform is required of the current energy system/governance? Rebecca Willis – Proposal for an Energy Transformation Commission Energy Systems Catapult – Strategic Oversight – the role of a ‘system architect’ George Day – Clarifying roles, harnessing markets   You can download the slidepack here: Governance roundtable – slide deck for distribution

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  • Shortcut to Key IGov Findings

    August 1, 2019

    Shortcut to Key IGov Findings

    Shortcut to key IGov findings 1st August 2019 This blog wraps up some of the key IGov ideas and arguments, providing a ‘quick’ read and introduction. The IGov website has over 600 pieces of work on it and is the place to go for full details. The IGov project is coming to an end in the autumn (2019) and the next few months are going to be spent disseminating our arguments for the governance reform we think is needed if we are to accelerate and more cost effectively enable the transformation to a sustainable, equitable,

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