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Primer – Fit for Purpose GB Energy Governance Framework

IGov Primer – Fit for Purpose GB Energy Governance Framework


IGov has argued that governance (policies, institutions, rules and incentives of markets and networks, regulations such as codes, retail policy, and he underlying politics and decision-making of deciding on the details of those rules and incentives etc) should play a central role in transforming the current centralised, carbonised energy system into a decarbonised, flexible, equitable and secure energy system able to meet our greenhouse gas reductions. IGov has shown how the current governance framework within GB is not-fit-for-purpose for enabling this to happen; has argued why this is the case; and has put forward our own ideas for creating a governance framework that is fit for purpose. This primer summarises this area of our research.

IGov kicked off in 2014 with a paper about the challenges that faced the GB energy system, and the type of governance framework which was needed to deliver solutions for those challenges. At the end of the first phase of IGov in 2016,  we published a fit-for-purpose governance framework which summarised the challenges of transforming the energy system. It explained the importance of governance; discussed the institutional landscape; and made proposals for its reform.

This framework was broken down into a simpler story in a 2017 presentation and then further developed as part of our discussions on a post supplier hub world. A direction–setting workshop in July 2018 saw the framework further refined within the context of system change and policy and regulation lag. The final iteration of the IGov fit for purpose governance framework was produced in September 2019 Getting energy governance right: Lessons from IGov. This sets out the importance of governance; key principles it should follow; and provides the final IGov fit for purpose governance framework. There are a range other primers which broadly link back to and further explain the need for a fit for purpose governance framework, including:  Energy Codes; the Capacity Market; Local energy and the changing role of people; RIIO, DSPs and valuing DER, and NY REV






  • Mar (conference) Event Report: Innovation & Governance for Future Energy Systems This IGov conference looked at a wide range of aspects for system change, including sessions on governance, its reform and wider system change. The above link to the event summary captures much of the discussion – you can access wider resources from the event here.
  • Jul (roundtable) Direction setting for energy system transformation this event consider how efforts to decarbonise along with technology change and falling costs are driving energy system change. It suggested how far this transformation can be realised and managed depends on the response of policy makers and regulators.
  • Jul (presentation) Direction-setting for energy system transformation working from the IGov framework this presentation from the above event asked why direction-setting matters and what some for the issues to consider are. Its sets out how the IGov framework can support transparent and legitimate decision making, as well as our proposals for how to achieve it.










Download the primer here: Primer – Fit for Purpose GB Energy Governance

Last Update: December 2019

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