Cell Phenotyping

To date, cell state and function has primarily been probed by investigating biochemical properties. However intrinsic biophysical markers, offer extended information about the cell...


Model Lipid Bilayers

Cell membranes are the major interface between cells and their environment. In order to understand the physical mechanisms governing molecular flow we use...


Cellular Heterogeneity

Clonal microbial populations feature cell-to-cell differences in gene expression, growth rate and resistance to stress. We focus on dissecting the heterogeneity in membrane transporter regulation...


Membrane Transport

Membrane transport is a key and ubiquitous process in Nature.
However, this remains poorly understood due to a lack of adequate experimental model systems...



  • 8-September-2023: Congratulations Erin! New paper out at ISME Communications
  • 10-April-2023: Congratulations Ula! New paper out at PLoS Biology
  • 7-June-2022: Congratulations Ula! New paper out at eLife