Recent Publications

Penwill, L.A., Batten, G.E., Castagnetti, S. & Shaw, A.M. Growth phenotype screening of Schizosaccharomyces pombe using a Lensless microscope. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 54, 345-350 (2014).

Olkhov, R.V. & Shaw, A.M. Growth kinetics of gold nanoparticles on silica/graphene surfaces for multiplex biological immunoassays. RSC Advances 4, 31678-31684 (2014).

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Walker, N., Olkhov, R.V. & Shaw, A.M. pH-Dependent Electronic Surface Spectra of Chromophore Species in the Charged Silica-Water Interface. RSC Adv. (2013).

van Vuuren, B.J., Bergseth, G., Mollnes, T. & Shaw, A. Electroluminescent TCC, C3dg and fB/Bb epitope assays for profiling Complement cascade activation in vitro using an activated Complement serum calibration standard. Journal of immunological methods (2013).

Read, T., Olkhov, R.V. & Shaw, A.M. Measurement of the localised plasmon penetration depth for gold nanoparticles using a non-invasive bio-stacking method. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 15, 6122-6127 (2013).

Olkhov, R.V., Weissenborn, M.J., Flitsch, S.L. & Shaw, A.M. Glycosylation Characterization of Human and Porcine Fibrinogen Proteins by Lectin-Binding Biophotonic Microarray Imaging. Analytical chemistry (2013).

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Heuts, D.P., et al. Crystal Structure of a Soluble Form of Human CD73 with Ecto‐5′‐Nucleotidase Activity. Chembiochem 13, 2384-2391 (2012).

Gregory, A., et al. Conjugation of Y. pestis F1-antigen to gold nanoparticles improves immunogenicity. Vaccine (2012).

Shaw, A.M., Olkhov, R.V. & Barnes, W. Nanoplasmonic sensors. in Nanoplasmonic Sensors (ed. Dmitriev, A.) (Springer, New York, NY, 2012)..

Shaw, A.M. Systems and methods for medical data processing and analysis.  (US Patent App. 13/809,288, 2011).

Khan, D., Perry, M., McGrath, J., Daniels, I. & Shaw, A. Complement depletion as a marker for complications in open abdomen surgery. in BRITISH JOURNAL OF SURGERY, Vol. 98 83-84 (WILEY-BLACKWELL COMMERCE PLACE, 350 MAIN ST, MALDEN 02148, MA USA, 2011).

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Jansen van Vuuren, B., Read, T., Olkhov, R.V. & Shaw, A.M. Human serum albumin interference on plasmon-based immunokinetic assay for antibody screening in model blood sera. Analytical biochemistry 405, 114-120 (2010).


Astrochemistry: From Astronomy to Astrobiology, Andrew M. Shaw, Wiley & Sons, Chichester (2006).

Educational Publications

  • DIBs : A great unsolved Mystery A.M. Shaw, Chemistry Review 10, 30, (2000).
  • A Paint under Pressure A.M. Shaw, Chemistry Review 11,2, (2001).
  • Where there’s smoke there’s gravity A.M. Shaw, Chemistry Review 11,3, (2002)
  • Genetic Chess by Jellyfish Light, A.M. Shaw, Chemistry Review 12,1 (2002).
  • Life Under Ice, A.M. Shaw, Chemistry Review 13(2) 2003.
  • Raindrops on Titan, A.M. Shaw, Chemistry Review (2007)
  • Titan: Life in a Different Solvent? Chemistry Review (2008)

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