Welcome to the Research Group of Professor Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw Research Welcome Image

The quantitative understanding of nature at the molecular levels is the field of physical chemistry and I am interested in the spectroscopy properties of molecules to provide a unique diagnostic of the physical processes occurring in these diverse environments. We have research projects in spanning a large field from interfacial electronic spectroscopy, through nanotoxicology to the recovery of patients from major surgery. The current projects include:

  • Electronic Spectroscopy of species and charged interfaces using cavity-ring-down spectroscopy
  • Label-Free nanoparticle plasmon sensing of molecules in complex fluids such as serum
  • Lens-less microscope and the screening of bacterial phenotype
  • Nanoparticle bacteria interactions and the redox stress response
  • Antibody Affinity profiling and the screening of vaccine efficacy
  • Peanut Allergy Patient Serum Screening – a new ara-factor
  • Nanovaccine delivery technologies
  • Biomarkers of Recovery from Major Surgery
  • Differential Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis
  • Academic Entrepreneurship – Attomarker Ltd

Common to all projects is the detection of very small numbers of molecules and even single molecules to reveal the dynamics and events of molecular processes. And when there is an opportunity, we generate intellectual Property and exploit it!

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