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Exploring sea trout movements along the English coast

Tune into the BBC news on-line to hear Dr Andy King talk about his genetic analysis of sea trout as part of the AARC project.

In this short overview, Andy elucidates the objectives and methodology used in the Atlantic Aquatic Resorce Conservation (AARC) project to explore the marine movements of sea trout in waters off the south coast of England. 


DNA testing helps protect wild salmon from illegal fishing

You're looking at a salmon on a fishmonger's slab. How can you tell whether it is a wild salmon or a farmed fish?

Congratulations to Andy Bowkett and Sarah-Louise Counter

Congratulations to Andy Bowkett and Sarah-Louise Counter, who submitted their PhDs today!

Very well done. 

The origins of Atlantic salmon re-colonizing the river Mersey

This study genotyped 138 adult salmon sampled between 2001 – 2011 from the river Mersey; we used assignment analysis, based on 14 microsatellite loci and the recently compiled pan-European SALSEA-Merge baseline, to identify the most probable region of origin of adult fish entering the river – to date, no smolt run has been observed in the river and only three juvenile fish have been sampled.

Genetic assignment of Brown Trout in southern Britain

As part of our ongoing project to study the movements of Sea Trout we have developed an interactive map viewer that can be used to explore the data. Users can explore the map, search the database and even perform a genetic assignment.


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