Will Stahl-Timmins

PhD thesis

Much of the work detailed on this website is expanded on in the PhD thesis of Dr Will Stahl-Timmins. The individual chapters are available as follows:

Chapter 0 - Preface

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Methodology

Chapter 3 - Context

Chapter 4 - Design

Chapter 5 - Prototype test 1 (GOfER)

Chapter 6 - Prototype test 2 (SOC)

Chapter 7 - Discussion

Chapter 8 - Appendices

Chapter 9 - References

To reference this work:

Stahl-Timmins, W. 2011. Information Graphics in Health Technology Assessment. PhD thesis, University of Exeter, UK.

[IG] technique
[IG] HTA - Information Graphics in Health Technology Assessment

The information graphics project at PenTAG, Peninsiula Medical School, researches the use of visual display techniques for presenting research data from health technology assessment.