Read more on HTA information graphics: Will Stahl-Timmins' PhD Thesis

Information Graphics Blogs Etc:

Blog - carefully explained and thoughtful WWII graphics, amongst other things.

Impressively detailed graphics with historical subjects.

mostly social networking diagrams, but with the occasional gem in their midst.

Blog with a focus on Sankey Diagrams.

Information Design Blog run by Peter J. Bogaards.

Ben Fry's site, one of the developers of the Processing language for visualising data.

A selection of the web's worst information graphics.


> DD4D - Data Desgned for Decisions - Paris, Jun 2009

> IDC - Information Design Conference - London, Apr 2009

> IV09 - Information Visualisation 09 - Barcelona, Jul 2009

> InfoVis 2009 - Atlantic City, Oct 2009

> HTAi - Health Technology Assessment International - Singapore, Jun 2009


> Pentag
Peninsula Technology Assessment Group, where the project is based.

> Peninsula Medical School

> Exeter University

> Plymouth University

> NICE - UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.

> NIHR - UK National Institute for Health Research.

> NIHR HTA - NIHR Health Tech- nology Assessment programme.

> IDA - Information Design Association

> IIID - International Institite for Information Design

[IG] links


> Information Design Journal

> International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care

> Medical Decision Making

[IG] HTA - Information Graphics in Health Technology Assessment

The information graphics project at PenTAG, Peninsiula Medical School, researches the use of visual display techniques for presenting research data from health technology assessment.