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News & Progress


This section will provide all the latest information and news about the study.

4th May - Draft chapters very nearly complete. Looking at overall thesis and making ammendments. Thesis to be submitted shortly.

1st August - Good progress been made. Several more chapters are now taking shape.

9th May - Currently working on two chapters. Data analysis is nearly complete using NVIVO software package.

4th November - All interviews are now complete. Write up starts in earnest!

1st July - Phase three interviews with the main participants are now completed.

1st July - Interviews with school staff completed.

25th June - Phase three interviews with main participants to be conducted next week.

31st May - University participants have now been interviewed. Interviews with University staff are also on schedule. Third interview phase due at the end of June.

4th April - Second phase of interviews is now over. The third and final phase will commence in late June.

4th March - The second phase of interviews with the main participants will be held over the next three weeks. Interviews will be focused on the photo activity.

15th February - Cameras were collected and are currently been developed. Interviews with the participants will take place in early March.

9th February - Cameras must be handed in to the Year Office by 2:30p.m. this coming Friday (13th).

24th January - Participants now have their cameras and Summer School 2002are working on Activity 2. Cameras should be returned to the School Office by Friday 13th February.

18th January - Cameras for Activity 2 will be available for participants as from 26th January. Focus Groups with current University Students will now be taking place after the Easter Break.

7th December - Phase one of the interviews is now complete. Letters to current University undergraduates will be sent this week.

29th November - Interviews will be held this week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

29th November - The focus group discussion with current undergraduate students will now take place in January.

20th November - The first set of interviews will be carried out next week. Progress is also been made on the selection of current undergraduate students for the focus group discussion.

20th October - Main Study underway. All participants have worked on activity 1. Interviews will be carried out in early November.

15th October - Main study to begin shortly. Participants have now received consent forms which need to be signed by their parents/guardians and returned to the school.

1st October 2003 - Pilot Interviews completed - Data analysis underway.

September 2003 - Preparations are under way for the first set of interviews (Pilot Study).
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