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This section provides information about the activities used during the interviews.

Participants were interviewed on three separate occasions throughout the 2003/04 academic year.

Interview 1

Participants drew up a timeline detailing events and important dates, which, in their view, helped them shape their present and future lives.

Interview 2

Prior to this interview taking place, participants were given a disposible camera. Their task was to take 27 photos that best described their normal everyday life and represented who they were. They should also have illustrated things that were important to them. The best 10 photographs were then selected by the participants and used at interview to generate a discussion about their content. These photographs remained the property of the participants throughout the entire study. In addition, participants were also invited to predict their future by describing what they will be doing, and how.

Interview 3

The researcher reviewed the last two interviews and picked up on any loose ends that may have existed. Participants were also given the opportunity to clarify various issues that they may have discussed during previous interviews.

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