11th July 2003 - Second week of excavation
 Picture showing poppies which have flourished on the looser soil

Photo 1

Much effort this week was directed towards cleaning the area in trenches 3 and 4 that includes the eastern entrance of the larger enclosure; after a week of uninterrupted rain, this week the clay baked hard under the sun.

 Shows awfuil weather

Photo 2

The hard work paid off. This photo, taken from 'outside' the enclosure, shows the whole of the eastern entrances, including the inner and outer ditch terminals.
From the entrance, two stake alignments extend eastwards, forming a wide causeway towards Shirley Pool.

 Opening up the trenches

Photo 3

The same area seen from the 'inside' of the enclosure. Note the three large posts forming the outer part of the entrance - probably the posts on which two gates would have been hung.

 The western half of trench five is driest

Photo 4

The inner defensive feature on the north, east and south side of the larger enclosure is formed by a c. 2.5 m wide box rampart; this stretch of the box rampart in trench 3 is particularly clear.

 Excavating one of nine extension trenches

Photo 5

In trench 5, Gavin Thomas has found a near-perfect circular feature, comprising a narrow but well-defined ditch forming a circle of c. 2 m in diameter. This is one of a range of small-ish ditch features from the site - what these represent remains somewhat unclear.

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