Fourth week of excavation

Photo 0 (Not yet available)

During the excavations, we entertain classes from Campsmount School in Askern. The photograph shows Helen Fenwick discussing Mesolithic and Neolithic flints from the site with the students.

Photo 1

Students working on the dig receive a weekly 'tour' of the site. Alongside general discussions on the progress of the excavations, the tours include more detailed discussions one aspects of our work here; the photo shows Henry Chapman explaining the use of differential GPS on archaeological sites.

Photo 2

We are studying the lithology of the limestone which was used for the revetment of the western side of the larger enclosure, in the hope that we may be able to provenance the source of this material. The work is undertaken by geologist Colin Patrick.

Photo 3

The site is producing a large number of postholes, many of these (not forming part of the ramparts) appear to form linear or rectangular structures; several rectangular buildings may be inferred from the pairing of posts and stakes in the parallel alignments.

Photo 4

We have also found a number (at least 5, possibly 7) small enclosure ditches (forming an oval of c. 4 by 2.5 m). Postholes at either end of these ditches suggest a very different type of structure. This example was found in trench 6.

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