Third week of excavation

Photo 1

The first aerial photographs of the excavations at Sutton Common were taken on Saturday 6th July by Neil Mitchell (APS UK). This photo clearly shows the extent of excavations, looking south with trench 2 near and trench 8 at the back. The outer ditch of the larger enclosure can be clearly seen on its east side (left on this photo) as a dark green crop mark, and also in the trenches as a darker soil. The smaller enclosure is just visible on the right.

Photo 2

William Fletcher in the centre of what is to date the most convincing 'round house', in trench 4. A series of 10 postholes forms a circle c. 6 m in diameter, and four additional posts may represent something of the internal structure.

Photo 3

Exeter student Ruth Jones stands on one of the posts of an alignment which would have formed the inside of the ramparts of phase 2 of the site. These posts would have been part of a timber wall, harnessing the earthen banks, a building technique commonly used in early Iron Age hillforts elsewhere in the country.

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