1st August 2003 - Fifth week of excavation
overview of the excavations, seen from the<br>

Photo 1

As part of the recording process, we use a helicopter for low-level aerial photography (avoiding the nearby pylons). This week, a sample of the photographs made by Neil Mitchell (APS UK/Beverley) are presented here.

excavating the large posts which formed the gateway

Photo 2

Three of the cremation enclosures in Trench 7 show up particularly well from the air. The photo also shows the intercutting of the various features. The small circular photos are posts of earlier four-post structures.

a small near-perfect-circular ditch

Photo 3

The same photo as 2, but digitally enhanced to show even clearer the stratigraphic relationship between the features.

How this cemetery was used requires further study

Photo 4

An overview of a group of three four-post structures in Trench 3.

a small near-perfect-circular ditch

Photo 5

This year, we also found a number of deep pits, with the occasional animal bone in the bottom. Preservation is reasonable, and this may give information on different activities within the site.

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