Imaging the Cytoskeleton EIN workshop

Imaging the Cytoskeleton EIN workshop

Date: 12 December 2014

Time: 14:00 to 18:00

Venue: Geoffrey Pope Building 328a

All are welcome to attend the next Exeter Imaging Network workshop. The subject of the meeting will be “Imaging the Cytoskeleton” and focuses on phytopathogens and  medical science.


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14:00 The Phytophtora infestans actin cytoskeleton: its functions in hyphal growth and plant cell infection 

Tijs Ketelaar (University of Wageningen)

14:45 Making the message stick – mRNA localisation and cell migration

Giles Corey (University of Exeter)

15:05 The influence of fatty acids on actin and filopodia in neurons

John Chilton (University of Exeter)

15:25 Break

15:45 TBA

Gero Steinberg (University of Exeter)

16:30 Mechanisms of microtubule nucleation and destruction studied in vitro

Thomas Surrey (Cancer Research UK, London Research Institute)

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