File Share

This functionality is restricted for the use of GW4 members only.

If you would like access please request access from an administrator.


Use the upload and download sections below to access and share your image processing related scripts, macros, and protocols.



Upload guide
  • Select the appropriate location for your contribution by selecting e.g. “Downloads” then “Imagej macros”.
  • Press “Add files” to add your file.
  • Modify the name as specified below.
  • When ready, press “File up” to submit your file.

To add a name, category, or tags put the data in between square brackets [ ] at the *end* of your file name, *before* the extension.

Example names:

background subtractor [joe bloggs, imagej, filters]

batch profile plotting [john doe, python, scripts batchprocessing]

notes for usage of batch plotting script [john doe, notes, notes]