Mina Los Curas Cornish Engine House, Linares, Spain. Photograph S. P Schwartz, June 2005

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The mining landscape of Cornwall and west Devon was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in July 2006. For an in-depth overview of the international significance of Cornish mining in the C19th and early C20th visit the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site website.

The Trevithick Society is an organisation for everybody interested in industrial archaeology and all aspects of the industrial past in Cornwall. Membership is open to all who are interested in the region's great industrial past, whether or not they live in Cornwall.

NAMHO was formed in 1979 to act as the national body for mining history in the UK and Ireland. There are now over 50 member organisations, including societies, museums, firms, etc. There is no individual membership of NAMHO. Any bona fide organisation with an interest in mining history can apply to become a Full Member. Other organisations who do not qualify under the above, but who are interested in the activities of member organisations, can apply to become an Affiliate Member.

TICCIH is the international organisation for industrial heritage. Its aim is to protect, conserve, study and explain the heritage of the industrial society.

Europamines, the European Mining Heritage Network, exemplifies how one particular industrial heritage theme is representative of shared European values, linking regions throughout Europe. Development of this network will bring greater understanding of the shared heritage of different European regions, and identify cultural tourism opportunities.

The UK Mining History E-mail discussion list, managed by Peter Claughton, is a very lively e-mail discussion group. Follow the instructions on the welcome screen to join.

The Mining History Network contains a discussion forum, links to other sites and details of conferences.

The Mining Heritage Trust of Ireland seeks to develop the informed public awareness, appreciation, conservation and enjoyment of all facets of mining heritage throughout Ireland.

The Arrayanes Project seeks to protect, conserve, recover and celebrate the mining culture and heritage of the lead mining district of Linares-La Carolina in Andalusia, Spain, where many Cornish miners worked in the mid nineteenth century. It has one of the most stunning 'Cornish' landscapes anywhere in Europe.

The Cornish in Latin America website contains a lot of information about the migration and subsequent settlement of Cornish miners across South and Central America and the Spanish Caribbean. It also includes information about how this migration changed Cornwall. There is a fully searchable database of Cornish migrants.

The Troon Exiles' website, maintained by Diane Hodnett, includes a list of Irish-born mineworkers in Cornwall in 1861 and an account of the migration of Cornish miners to Allihies in County Cork.

The Allihies Museum in County Cork, Ireland will shortly open as a heritage resource centre.

Visit the informative Copper Coast Geopark website. This is situated in County Waterford and has the iconic Tankardstown Cornish-design engine house complex panoramically perched on cliffs near Annestown and Bunmahon.

Poldark Mine near Helston in Cornwall is a genuine and very atmospheric eighteenth century tin mine offering underground access. There are also many items of industrial archaeological interest at the surface of the mine and the website has lots of interesting information about the history of the mine and district and the Cornish miner overseas.

The King Edward Mine and Museum and the Carn Brea Mining Society sites are also worth a visit.