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Taylors Shaft, East Pool Mine early twentieth century. Photograph courtesy the Paddy Bradley Collection

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Welcome to the website of the Cornish Mining Heritage Programme (CMHP). This new programme seeks to do two things:

·     To attract academic research funding for projects related to mining history 

·     To build links and enhance synergy with mining heritage organisations both within the UK and overseas in order to deliver quality research

The Cornish mining industry, with its global linkages through the marketing of mining machinery and its mobile labour force that disseminated Cornish mining expertise and culture worldwide, offers a superb exemplar of transnational linkages. Moreover, there has been a paucity of research within the academy that focuses on the role of regional contributions to the overseas expansion of British technological prowess during the industrial revolution. The CMHP will advance new epistemological and paradigmatic approaches to industrialisation required in academic research.

The importance of research
The Cornish Mining Landscape was was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in July 2006. Opportunities for developing links with Cornish mining communities worldwide, to deepen cultural links and conduct quality academic research, will strengthen the ‘outstanding universal value’ of the Cornish Mining WHS. This will aid international recognition for the distinctive Cornish mining culture that is present within the site and recognisable across the world. This will help to reinforce the pride of former mining communities and protect and promote cultural traditions.

Furthermore, academic research into and interpretation of Cornish mining history and heritage will enhance the potential for developing the economic benefits that arise from marketing that heritage and will help to drive the Knowledge Economy. By expanding our understanding of distinctive aspects of Cornish mining heritage, it assists communities in gaining a sense of ownership of their past and therefore empowers them through engendering self-confidence for the future based on a secure foundation of awareness of their past.

Adding an academic network to existing heritage orientated public and private sector networks means the CMHP will help to underpin the base which is required for those involved in Cornish heritage activity to take full advantage of the region’s strengths.

To find out more please contact Dr Sharron P. Schwartz