Cornish miners' dugout homes in the banks of the Burra River, South Australia. Photograph, S.P. Schwartz December 2004

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The Cornish Mining World Heritage Site logoThe Cornish Mining World Heritage Site Office
The CMHP is represented on the Partnership of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site and its Marketing and Interpretation Panel. The CMHP is establishing close links with the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site Office and is currently collaborating on research into the transnational linkages of Cornish mining in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The Europamines' logoEuropamines
In October of 2005, the Cornish Mining Heritage Programme (CMHP) was accepted as a partner of Europamines,
the  European Mining Heritage Network funded by the Culture 2000 Programme of the European Union. The  Europamines group includes a variety of important mining heritage organisations in both the private and public sectors, and also universities and Geological Surveys from the UK, Italy, Spain, the Republic of Ireland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Norway, France, Germany, and Poland. Mining and metallurgical processes have played a very important role in the evolution of society across the Continent from the Stone Age to the present day. Mining heritage is a key part of European history; it embraces many different research specialities: mineralogy and geology; the study of people; migrations; trade; technologies; archaeological and archivist techniques etc. Development of this network will bring understanding of the shared heritage of different European regions and will contribute to the harmonious evolution of modern Europe.